What Does “Bug-Out” Mean? (Bug-Out Bag Advice)

When an emergency situation happens, it will usually happen fast and you will have to react quickly. When you bug out, you will want to have a location already in mind for your exit strategy. This location could be a relative’s house, a secluded campground, a national park, a cheap hotel, really any place you can get to easily.

What Does It Mean To “Bug-Out”?

Bugging out typically means you are fleeing or retreating from something in a hurry. It may be a natural disaster, a government lockdown, or even suspecting that a lockdown may happen soon. Bugging out usually means the person is already prepared to leave at a moment’s notice and they often already have a kit or a bug-out bag ready to go!

What Is A Bug-Out Bag (Kit)?

A bug-out bag (BOB) is a bag of stuff that you have already put together in case of an emergency. It is usually filled with enough equipment to make short-term survival as easy as possible in any situation. By short-term we mean up to a week in duration. During this time either the situation, you are fleeing from should have passed, or you can manage to find a long-term survival area to suit your needs.

What’s In A Bug-Out Bag (Kit)?

Typically, a BOB will have everything you need for caloric and shelter requirements in the short term, here is an example of a 3-day BOB:

  • Daily food rations
  • 125ml water pouches
  • 2000mAh power bank
  • LED flashlight
  • Emergency blanket
  • Poncho
  • Whistle
  • First aid kit
  • Mask
  • Tissue pack

You will want a decent size hiking backpack, or tactical backpack to carry everything you will need!

Low-Cost Bug-Out Bag

Looking for a budget bug-out bag? Check out this cool video on how to make a budget-friendly 50-piece kit.

Bug-Out Bag, Tips, Tricks, And Advice!

To make it easier to plan your bug-out bag, we’ve put together some extra tips and tricks for you!

Don’t pack more than you can carry

Make sure it’s not a strain for you to pick up and throw on your back in a hurry. Prepare it for different situations as well, you might be bugging out in the rough wilderness, so it will have to be easy to move around.

Don’t Forget About First-Aid & Hygiene

Bandages, toothpaste, soap, etc. These are all incredibly important to human survival. Without proper dental care, you can get a cavity in less than a week, this can be very painful and even life-threatening if it gets bad enough!

Pack A Sleeping Bag & Pillow

We all know how stressful it can get without a good night’s sleep. Imagine dealing with an emergency situation, and you don’t have good sleeping conditions! Get a blow-up pillow and a sleeping bag. Make sure you have a heavy and light sleeping bag available in your house so you can bug out any time of the year!

Water Filters

Water is crucial to survival, that should be first and foremost in your bag by water, we mean clean drinkable water! Get a filtered water bottle so you can have a multi-function tool for survival.

Solar Powered Chargers

Power is everything, a solar-powered charger is a great survival tool! it’s expensive, but imagine being able to survive in comfort? Why should we be without entertainment when we need to get out of there fast?

What Makes A Good Bug-Out Location?

  • It will be an area that is close by, but out of harm’s way.
  • It’s safe and or secluded.
  • You can survive there long-term.
  • Easy access to food and water.
    • This location could include wild game and a river or lake.
  • It’s fairly easy for you to get to.

What Is A Good Bug-Out Location?

It will depend entirely on what is close by or accessible to you.

Relative or a friend’s house

Often the best choice since it will be the easiest way to survive. It will just be an extended sleepover! Make sure they know you are coming however, people will be paranoid in emergency situations.


These are like pre-made bug-out areas! They will usually have bathroom facilities and may even have power that you can access. Although, these will be the first choice of a lot of other people as well, so it may get a little crowded.

The Wilderness

In really bad situations you may be on your own for a while. Know your area, and what kind of food animals are available to eat. Check the weather and pick a suitable spot for long-term survival.

Personal Bug-Out Location

Do you live out in the country, or know someone who does? You can build a stealthy location and store food out there underground or in the trees to protect it from animals. This way you can be super prepared for when everything goes sideways!

Aren't bug out bags expensive?

How important is your survival? You can make a cheaper bug-out bag and you don't have to buy it all at once ethier!

What's the most important item in a bug out bag?

Food, water, and shelter! Make sure you have a few lighters, or fire-starters as well.