Make You’re Own Airsoft Gun (DIY) – (How To)

Have you ever wondered about where airsoft guns came from and what they were originally meant to do? airsoft has been around for a while now and lots of hobbyists use airsoft weapons for different things, as a sport, for fun, or for target practice! They are non-lethal weapons but can be dangerous if used improperly. You should never build an airsoft gun with the intent to harm someone lethally, or fatally! airsoft guns are mainly meant for sports and fun! Generally, airsoft guns will not permanently harm your human target as they do not use that much force to fire the projectile. The bullet is also not made of metal and is not designed to hurt. Do not rely on airsoft guns for self-defense as they will not do anything especially if the target is wearing any kind of protective gear or clothing! You should, however, never aim for someone’s face, especially the eyes, as they can be quite vulnerable and you may damage the person for life. If you are firing airsoft guns at one another, always wear protective goggles along with your other safety gear!

Where Did Airsoft Guns Come From?

Airsoft guns were originally created in Japan! Guns were considered illegal to own during the 1970s and 1980s. however, civilians still wanted a way to practice using firearms so they created airsoft guns. These guns are prop guns and are mainly meant to simulate real guns in a non-lethal way. Usually, countries and regions will also require airsoft guns to have visual differences from their lethal counterparts such as orange-tipped barrels. This is to make sure the guns will not be mistaken for real guns!

Standard Safet Tips For Airsoft Guns

  • If a person is not wearing protective equipment, do not aim your airsoft pistol toward them.
  • When instructed to do so by a police officer, drop your pistol right away; do not try to “show” the officer that it is not a real gun.
  • Always put on the appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet, gloves, safety goggles, and chest protection.
  • Until you are prepared to shoot, don’t touch the trigger.
  • When not in use, keep your gun empty in your possession.
  • Recognize that your airsoft gun can be mistaken for a real weapon; take safety measures.
  • Make sure everyone who can see your playing area is aware that you are playing and not really utilizing any weapons.
  • Never play airsoft in a location where you don’t have the owner’s consent or where the law forbids it.
  • Avoid using, carrying, or displaying your airsoft gun in public places like parks, schools, or events.

Even though the airsoft gun is non-lethal, it can still cause harm if used improperly! Always treat an airsoft gun with the same respect as a real firearm.

Airsoft Gun Rules For Different Countries

Different countries will have different laws on owning and operating airsoft guns, make sure you are aware of the laws in your own country before using them!

Airsoft Gun Regulations For France

While open carry and even carrying weapon replicas, such as airsoft guns, in public places are forbidden, France does not need orange tips on airsoft guns. Airsoft weapons with a power rating exceeding 0.08 are not available to anybody under the age of 18. The same firearms laws that apply to real guns apply to any airsoft weapon with a power of more than 2 joules.

Airsoft Gun Regulations For Germany

In Germany, airsoft weapons with a power output of fewer than 0.5 joules are regarded as toys and are permissible for use by anybody. The same regulations that apply to air rifles apply to airsoft guns with power between 0.5 and 7.5 joules. These weapons must be appropriately labeled with an “F in a pentagon” and are prohibited for use or purchase by anyone under the age of 18. Airsoft weapons must be transported in closed cases.

Airsoft Gun Regulations For Australia

Depending on the region you are in, Australia has quite stringent laws regarding airsoft weapons, so be sure to do your homework to prevent problems. Automatic-firing weapons, as well as those that resemble machine guns or submachine guns, are often illegal.

Airsoft Gun Regulations For United Kingdom

When it comes to airsoft gun laws, the United Kingdom is the harshest. They must always be transported in lockable cases that stop the gun from discharging while it is still in the case. An airsoft gun may only be owned by anyone above the age of 10 if it is a gift or with parental permission.

Airsoft guns cannot be sold to individuals under 18!

How To Make Your Own (DIY) Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft guns can be a lot of fun, check out this video on how to make your own airsoft pistol.

How To Make Your Own (DIY) Airsoft Sniper Or Shotgun

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How To Make Your Own Pen Gun

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Can I buy airsoft guns in Canada?

You can, however, need to have visual features on them to make sure they will not resemble firearms as replicate firearms are illegal in Canada.

Do airsoft guns hurt?

If you are shot on the bare skin it will hurt a decent amount, like a bee sting, this is why most people wear protective gear when using airsoft guns. Never fire at a persons face as you could damage their eyes!