How To Prepare For Martial Law? Your Ultimate Guide

Martial law is a military state a government can enact in times of extreme crisis. This state usually involves a heavy military presence and an extreme disruption of daily life. Normal civilian functions will be limited or even shut down entirely. One example that is usually implemented during martial law is curfews. Curfews are put in place to prevent people from staying out past a certain time. If you disobey the curfew, a variety of punishments can happen to you.

What To Stock Up On For Martial Law

If martial law has a chance of being implemented you will want to stock up on all essential items. Things like nonperishable foods are increasingly important. This includes food that does not go bad easily and has a very long shelf life. We would highly recommend you keep stock of a few things like canned goods, pasta, rice, beans, frozen fruit, and vegetables.

Also, make sure you have sufficient hygiene products, and get tons of toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes, etc. These items don’t usually expire and are critical when it comes to your health. As a side note, stocking up on defensive equipment will be useful as well. Guns, bullets, and knives are all important for self-defense in times of danger. Please practice gun safety and keep your guns locked up and out of sight when you are not in danger. 

If you have vehicles, fuel and oil will also be increasingly important as well, we recommend you use renewable energy like solar or wind power as a backup just in case. 

You should also consider buying lots of survival gear if you haven’t already done so, it may be difficult to get these goods once martial law is implemented.

Some of the things you should already have on hand are:

  • Water purification tools (filters, tablets, etc.)
  • Multi-tools
  • Clothing (socks, underwear, etc.)
  • Emergency supplies (bandages, kits, batteries, etc.)

Don’t wait until you hear about martial law being implemented to go buy these, stock up on them early! They don’t expire! As we saw with the covid pandemic, it can be pretty difficult to get stuff once lockdowns are put in place.

How To Hide Guns During Martial Law

If there is an extreme martial law situation, they may come to try and take your guns so the public cannot defend itself. If you do have guns, we would recommend hiding them in a hidden floor safe that is inconspicuous. Make sure this safe is well-hidden and as few people know about it as possible, this will ensure that its location stays hidden. You may want to have a few weapons that are easy to find as decoys so the government can find those instead of searching everywhere. 

How Do You Get Food With Martial Law

This will largely depend on the severity of the martial law. You may be able to get food as you normally would from the grocery store. However, it will probably be a limited selection and you will almost certainly notice food shortages of certain products if the supply chain is severely disrupted. Focus on only finding the most nutritionally dense and calorically rich foods! The above foods we mentioned should be your priority, but also look for things like peanut butter and other dense foods. You will be able to make a little amount last a long time as long as you ration your food items carefully! Food stamps or government programs may be implemented in order to help feed some of the population if they do not have enough money themselves.

We also recommend hiding some food underground as well. In some cases, the government can actually take your food as per the rules of martial law.

Where Should I Hide During Martial Law

During martial law, if you feel the need to hide, stay away from crowded popular areas. Look for any remote town or homestead with as few residents as possible, the government will have its hands full with people living in the city! 

Rural Towns

Rural areas are great hiding spots, they also usually have backup systems in place in case the power or water runs out unexpectedly. If you can find an abandoned farm that would be even better! If you have a personal motorhome, this will make living in a rural town easy and comfortable!

The Wilderness

Same idea as the rural towns, if you have great survival skills, then the wilderness will be like a vacation to you! Assuming the natural resources are unaffected by what’s happening you can stay undetected for months in the wilderness with little to no effort. Just make sure you have a working knowledge of what you can eat and how to hunt! The small and big games will be incredibly useful if you decide to use this strategy!

Large Urban Areas

If you live in a city with lots of history, there are probably some awesome, hard-to-find hiding spots right below your feet! Getting into old unused subway tunnels and staying low is a great way to not be seen or heard.

Flee The Country!

If you can leave the martial law area, this is the best solution, always! You may have to sneak out, or even bribe your way out if necessary, but it’s a much better option than staying in the affected area. If you do try to leave, make sure you have all legal documentation in place, and keep a low profile. You will want to cause as little drama as possible when you make your escape! It will already be a very tense, frightening situation, so people will definitely be on edge!


Even though you may never experience martial law in your lifetime (this is a good thing), you should still know the best, possible way to navigate through it. This includes hiding weapons and personal belongings from being taken by the government. If you’re interested in more survival tips, feel free to bookmark Digital Survival Sumo! We appreciate your ongoing support!

Who can call martial law?

In the United States, the President and the US congress can declare Martial Law!

What usually happens under Martial Law?

Curfews are put in place and some personal freedoms will be suspended as per the requirements of the situation.