Omlet Eglu Chicken Coop: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Happy and Healthy Chickens at Home

Eglu Chicken Coop

The Eglu chicken coop by Omlet is a revolutionary and innovative solution for chicken owners looking to provide a secure and comfortable home for their feathered friends. Designed specifically for chickens, it ensures they have a safe and enjoyable environment to live in.

Made from strong materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, the Eglu chicken coop offers excellent protection for your chickens. The coop also features a spacious run, allowing your chickens to roam and exercise freely. The heavy-duty steel weld mesh adds an extra layer of security, keeping predators out and ensuring your chickens can safely enjoy their surroundings.

One standout feature of the Eglu chicken coop is the anti-tunnel skirt. This innovative design prevents predators from digging underneath the coop, providing a high level of protection for your chickens. With the Eglu chicken coop, you can have peace of mind knowing that your chickens are safe and secure.


Omlet is a well-known company that specializes in chicken farming and is most recognized for its Eglu chicken coop. With a remarkable 15 years of experience in the industry, Omlet has become a trusted leader in offering high-quality and innovative chicken coops.

One of Omlet’s primary objectives is to ensure that chickens have a safe and cozy environment. This commitment is reflected in the design of their flagship product, the Eglu chicken coop. The Eglu showcases Omlet’s dedication to crafting functional and long-lasting solutions for chicken owners.

Secure Home For Chickens

The Eglu chicken coop is a secure and durable home for your chickens. It is built with strong materials that can withstand the elements and protect against predators. The heavy-duty steel weld mesh provides an added layer of security, ensuring the safety of your chickens.

One notable feature of the Eglu chicken coop is the anti-tunnel skirt. This feature prevents predators from digging underneath the coop and gaining access to your chickens. With the anti-tunnel skirt, you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious chickens are safe from potential threats.

Spacious Run

The Eglu chicken coop is designed with a spacious run that allows your chickens to stretch their wings and move around freely. This ample space provides vital exercise opportunities for your chickens, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

Happier and healthier chickens are generally the result of having enough space to roam. The Eglu chicken coop gives your chickens the freedom to explore and engage in foraging, thereby creating a more natural and stimulating environment for them.

Additionally, the Eglu chicken coop offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to clean: The coop’s modern design allows for easy cleaning, ensuring a hygienic environment for your chickens.
  • Predator protection: The sturdy construction of the Eglu coop protects your chickens from potential predators, keeping them safe and secure.
  • Weather resistant: The coop’s durable materials make it resistant to various weather conditions, offering reliable protection for your chickens.
  • Simple assembly: The Eglu coop is designed for effortless assembly, making it convenient for both experienced and novice chicken owners.

In conclusion, the Eglu chicken coop provides a spacious and stimulating environment that promotes the health and happiness of your chickens. With its easy maintenance and reliable protection features, it offers a great option for poultry enthusiasts.

Note: Creating a healthy and stimulating environment is crucial for the well-being of your chickens.

Heavy-Duty Steel Weld Mesh

The Eglu chicken coop is reinforced with heavy-duty steel weld mesh, providing an extra layer of protection for your chickens. This durable material effectively keeps predators out, ensuring the safety of your flock.

The steel weld mesh is designed to withstand the elements and is highly resistant to wear and tear. This means that your Eglu chicken coop will remain sturdy and secure for years to come, providing a long-lasting home for your chickens.

Trusted By Chicken Owners For Over 15 Years

One of the reasons why the Eglu chicken coop has gained popularity is its track record and reputation. Chicken owners have been relying on the Eglu chicken coop for over 15 years, trusting its design and functionality to provide a secure and comfortable home for their chickens.

The Eglu chicken coop has received rave reviews from chicken owners around the world who attest to its durability and reliability. This long-standing trust in the Eglu chicken coop is a testament to its quality and effectiveness as a chicken housing solution.

Eglu Cube – The Largest Coop In The Omlet Eglu Family

The Eglu Cube is the largest coop in the Omlet Eglu family, specifically designed for those with larger flocks. Capable of accommodating up to 10 medium-sized hens or bantams, or 6 to 8 large breeds, this coop is an excellent choice for small scale hobby breeders or back garden keepers.

One of the standout features of the Eglu Cube is its functionality. The coop is built with double walls that provide insulation, ensuring that the chickens remain warm even in colder climates. Furthermore, it is equipped with a convenient front door for easy access and a nest box located on the same level as the roosting floor, making maintenance and egg collection a breeze.

Easy To Clean And Long-Lasting

Cleaning your chicken coop is essential for maintaining a healthy environment for your flock, and the Eglu chicken coop makes this task easy. The coop is designed for easy cleaning, with removable droppings trays that can be easily accessed and cleaned. This feature ensures that you can keep your coop hygienic and your chickens healthy.

The Eglu chicken coop is made from UV stabilised Polyethylene, a material known for its durability and longevity. It is expected to last between 50 and 100 years, making it an investment that will serve you and your chickens for generations.

Additionally, the Eglu chicken coop can be jet-washed to kill off red mites, further ensuring the well-being of your flock. This convenience, combined with its easy-to-clean design and long-lasting materials, makes the Eglu chicken coop a top choice for chicken owners.

In conclusion, the Omlet Eglu Chicken Coop is a trusted and reliable choice for raising happy and healthy chickens at home. With its secure design, spacious run, heavy-duty steel weld mesh, and long-lasting materials, it provides everything you need to ensure the safety and well-being of your flock. Whether you are a back garden keeper with a larger flock or a small scale hobby breeder, the Eglu chicken coop is an excellent investment that will give you years of satisfaction. For more information, visit the Omlet website and discover why the Eglu chicken coop is the ultimate choice for chicken owners.

Are eglu chicken coops good?

The Eglu chicken coops are renowned for their exceptional durability and weather resistance. Having personally witnessed its resilience to extreme temperatures in Italy, I can confidently vouch for its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Unlike traditional wooden coops, which tend to deteriorate after a short period, the Eglu can last for several years without any additional measures like covering it with tarpaulin, therefore reducing long-term costs. Additionally, the Eglu is designed with predator-proof features, ensuring the safety and security of your feathered friends. Its innovative construction provides peace of mind, knowing that your chickens are well-protected from potential predators.

How many chickens can fit in an eglu cube?

The Eglu Cube is designed to accommodate a range of chicken sizes and breeds. With its versatile design, it can comfortably house up to 10 bantams, providing a cozy and spacious environment for these smaller chickens. For medium-sized chickens, the Cube can comfortably accommodate around 6 to 8 of them, ensuring they have ample space to move around and roost comfortably. If you have larger breed chickens, the Cube can house around 4 to 5 of them, ensuring they have enough room to spread their wings and move about freely. It's important to note that when setting up the Eglu Cube, you should allow 90cm of space at the back for easy access to the dropping tray, and 60cm of space at the front to conveniently open the run door.

How big is an omlet chicken coop?

The omlet chicken coop is designed to maximize space efficiency while still accommodating a moderate number of hens. With a capacity of 10 medium-sized hens or bantams, or 6 to 8 large breeds, it offers a compact yet functional living area for your feathered friends. Measuring just over a square meter, the coop's size might seem tight at first glance, but it cleverly incorporates a nest box within the available space, optimizing the layout and ensuring all necessary features are included in this compact design.

What are the best chicken coops for winter?

The ideal chicken coops for winter should prioritize insulation and heat retention to ensure the comfort and well-being of the chickens. A top choice could be coops built with double-walled wooden panels, as they provide excellent insulation against the cold weather. Additionally, including a layer of insulating material, such as straw or foam insulation, within the walls can further enhance their thermal properties. To maintain warmth, wooden nesting boxes are crucial as they hold heat better than metal or plastic alternatives. These coops not only provide a cozy environment for chickens during winter but also ensure their health and productivity in colder climates.